What Is a BTC Accelerato

Although the motivations for faster Bitcoin payments are obvious, and system constraints are well understood, the service fee sector is ripe for optimization.

That is why Bitcoin payment acceleration solutions have sprung up to assist you in finding advantages that you may not be capable to obtain on your own.

But what is a Bitcoin accelerator? 

Let's take a look...

What Is a BTC Accelerator?

A Bitcoin transaction accelerator is an off-the-chin service that charges a price to provide a certain transaction in the following Bitcoin blockchain block so that it may get enough approvals.

In other words, it is unsurprising that these transaction accelerators are only operated by Bitcoin miners, whose sole goal is to obtain a block bonus and larger block mining prices.

BTC accelerators are helpful since, as you may recall, in the last big crypto bull market in December 2017, the blockchain infrastructure was handling up to +450,000 payments per day, causing congestion across the network.

Bitcoin transactions per day

The primary cause of the issue back then was that miners only chose transactions based on the fees connected to them.

The older models with lesser charges were ignored, causing the majority of them to stay unresolved in the Bitcoin mempool for several days.

Pro's & Con's of BTC Accelerators

These crypto services have a number of advantages and disadvantages. This is comparable to what occurs on other sites. When utilizing these solutions, we should constantly consider the benefits and drawbacks.


  • They may be very useful in expediting transaction processing.
  • A few of them are free to use.
  • It may be very helpful whenever the Bitcoin network is congested.
  • These solutions may assist us in using BTC instead of other cryptocurrencies.
  • We could be certain that the money would be delivered in a timely manner.


The following are some disadvantages of Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator:

  • Some sites will ask you to produce identification.
  • They may not be suitable for privacy concerns.
  • Users often express their dissatisfaction with the services provided by these websites.
  • The services provided may not be as advertised.
  • There are several Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators that need payment.

Best Bitcoin Accelerators

In the event of yet another bitcoin price surge, anybody may utilize any of the BTC accelerator firms to unstick crypto-coins from the mempool.

That is why the purpose of this article is to teach you how to execute Bitcoin transactions with all existing accelerators today.


BTC.com Accelerator 

BTC.com also provides a Bitcoin transaction facilitator, although this is not their primary service. Instead, they operate it as a premium bitcoin accelerator in collaboration with mining solutions.

Because the bitcoin network's overcrowding and low service charge often cause confirmation delays, this BTC payment accelerator created by BTC.com may help to accelerate up payments.

Using the BTC.com transaction accelerator, you may raise the likelihood of a payment being confirmed within 1 hour to 75 per cent and within 4 hours to 98 per cent.

BTC.com is not a free BTC accelerator since the transaction acceleration facility provided by BTC.com requires a charge of approximately $12 in either fiat money or cryptocurrency. However, the fee fluctuates based on the block data traffic.

ViaBTC Accelerator

Since 2017, ViaBTC accelerator has been providing solutions to the crypto world, and they have prioritized transfers that have higher costs for speeding up transactions.

Via BTC is a completely free Bitcoin transaction acceleration tool for cryptocurrency investors, although they also provide premium services for specific situations such as;

  • Urgency
  • Locked Bitcoin transaction

Transactions with deficient miner fees, for example:

Their new platform is restricted to one hundred FREE accelerations each hour. You must enter your transaction ID to utilize this service (TXID).

On the other hand, if you want to utilize their premium program, you must include a charge of at minimum 0.0001BTC/KB, since their mining pool will not recognize any service fee lower than the minimum number of BTC stated.

Finally, the good news is that you will require your BTC TXID in the format shown below:


This alphanumeric key is readily obtained from Bitcoin Blockchain miners, and you do not need to join up to accelerate bitcoin payments.


BTC Accelerator 360

360 Bitcoin accelerator tool is yet another tool that enables you to speed up Bitcoin transactions in the mempool for absolutely free. However, it neither mines BTC or links to other miners in any manner.

It can speed up any transaction, even those with minimal transaction fees. However, it will usually re-broadcast your BTC transaction to the public ledger for verification.

This technique of attempting to push pending BTC transactions for verification does not always function as anticipated.

This is since miners will still have to pick between transactions with greater fees in the Cryptocurrency mining mempool.

But, re-broadcasting the payment ID increases the likelihood of it being scooped up by mining groups, such as the ViaBTC Pool, that validates it on the blockchain.

Finally, there is no need to join up to utilize this facility.


Bitcoin Afterburner

Bitcoin Afterburner is a Bitcoin accelerator solution introduced by the Samourai wallet team that operates uniquely to speed up Bitcoin payments.

It employs a mechanism known as Child pays for parent (CPFP) to expedite each unresolved Bitcoin transaction and functions virtually like a crypto wallet.

To utilize Bitcoin Afterburner, you must first install its Android app, after which you must recover your Bitcoin wallet.

It makes no difference whether you are getting or submitting a payment since Afterburner does not distinguish between them.

After you've set up it and chosen the appropriate settings to speed up your payment.

Afterburner will speed it for a fixed fee of around $5.99 + miner fee, which is applied to Child pays for parent (CPFP) transactions.


Another of the largest mining firms will execute your transaction totally free, but for transactions larger than 250 bytes, you will have to give $5 to the TX accelerator bitcoin facility.

All payments can be verified within 72 hours, however in most instances, within 12 hours. They don't provide returns, and all purchases are final.

They will reward you with a free acceleration in the future if your payment is not verified within 72 hours.

How to Speed Up a Bitcoin Transaction?

Previously, a Bitcoin transaction accelerator was a wonderful feature, but lately, many features have been introduced to speed up the blockchain transaction verification system.

Even the standard 1MB blocks have been enlarged, allowing transactions to be completed with quicker verification utilizing flash systems for certain crypto wallets.

An essential thing to remember is that the Bitcoin transaction accelerators now do not function with bitcoin device wallets, although they will be released shortly.

As a result, it is presently only available for Software wallets.

On the other side, we wholeheartedly endorse the transaction accelerators and methods enabled on the Bitcoin blockchain through crypto wallets, such as Replace-By-Fees (RBF) and Child pays for the parent (CPFP).

You can also realize that not everybody can utilize these methods since they need some Bitcoin knowledge before being used effectively.

Finally, another simple and informal way to unjam your Bitcoin transactions is to utilize SegWit addresses, which significantly raise block length while decreasing transaction fee stress.

In a Nutshell

New methods of transmitting and receiving Bitcoin may emerge in the future. That's why Bitcoin transaction accelerators have to consider how to improve their solutions and react to market developments. For example, the Lightning Network is among these challenges for the accelerators. Or it can be seen as a rival to these options.

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