Best Crypto Podcasts in 2021

best crypto podcasts in 2021

Technology advancing with every passing day and innovations churn up now and then. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are one of them. This means that any guides or books written on crypto and blockchains get outdated inside a week, let alone the traditional ways to learn. There aren’t any concrete short courses or classes for it. Therefore, the quickest and the best way to keep up with the latest news of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is by listening to the best crypto podcasts. Here are a few of the best crypto podcasts that you can start listening to today!

Hash Power by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

It is one of the older but still one of the best crypto podcasts around and it gets the job done amazingly. Hash Power delivers knowledge in such a systematic manner that anyone can understand the concept of blockchains. The first 2 or 3 episodes help you understand the blueprint and the groundwork of blockchains and how they function.


Bitcoin Audible by Guy Swann

This podcast’s objective is to help normalize the usage of crypto. It helps people understand the concepts of blockchain and how cryptocurrencies can help them achieve more. This podcast has a different variety of episodes, some of them are readings helping you understand concepts and some contain interviews so the people can share their knowledge and experience with you.


The Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano

Many of the leaders of the blockchain community along with titans of different industries are featured in this podcast, such as Chamath Palihapitiya and Mark Cuban, etc. The podcast has diverse content, with more than 300+ episodes to choose from. Pick the ones that sound the most interesting to you.


What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack

This podcast is mostly based on the famous Bitcoin, the golden star that laid the foundations of cryptocurrencies. The podcast has different episodes, but its most popular offer is in which a trader built a model predicting the price of bitcoin to hit the roofs in the future. It’s happening right now, isn’t it?


Unchained by Laura Shin

Unchained includes some of the famous personalities of the crypto world, including the former editor of Forbes crypto. Interviews of people like Vitalik Buterin and CZ give you the motivation and clear your doubts about crypto. For beginners, this podcast is a great choice.


a16z Podcast

a16z is one of the leading venture capital firms that is investing in the blockchain. It is not entirely focused on crypto and blockchain, but there are many episodes on these topics that explain the topics amazingly well for beginners and pros alike.


Baselayer by David Nage

This podcast is more related to the institutional investors in the game of crypto. People like Dan Taperio and Mark Yusko help you understand the concepts and guide you through them. If you are willing to start your venture in crypto and blockchain, this podcast should be on your list.


HASHR8 by Whit Gibbs

Unlike other podcasts, this one takes you to the technical side of cryptocurrency. It is more focused on the topics related to the questions like how everything is done. Bitcoin mining is one of the major topics discussed in this podcast.


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