SuperBid: The Powerful NFT Auction App

One of the most exciting crypto projects in 2021

August 28, 2021

superbid the powerful nft trading app

SuperBid is a next-level social NFT auctioning app that aims to link celebrities with their followers via entertaining bids of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), real goods, and events.

Users may participate in auctions while also chatting with their chosen social media celebs. 

What Is SuperBid? is a cutting-edge social-auction software that links influencers and entertainers with their followers.

Users may engage in hundreds of auctions put up individual celebrities using SuperBid.

what is superbid?

We'll go through how this functions later.

The platform's cash flow is dependent on its token.

The iOS version was tested on May 2021, while the global NFT marketplace release with token connectivity is scheduled for September 2021.

Celebrities will be allowed to offer both virtual and real products via their network, such as things like these:

  • “Place a bid for the celeb or streamer to check your profile.”
  • “Place a bid for one Hour Of playtime in Fortnite With Your Favorite Twitch Gamer”
  • “Bid For A Video Editing class On YouTube With Your Favorite educator”

Pretty intriguing, right?

What strikes me right away is how many individuals will utilize this platform.

Hundreds of celebrities utilize sites like Instagram to promote products or services for their following audience.

Presently, 86 percent of youngsters publish social media material for monetary gain.

SuperBid will provide these individuals with a forum to auction away their work or talent to a fan ready to pay the greatest bid!

This is a fantastic new method for individuals to become connected to the users they care about while also earning money.

How SuperBid Works

The SuperBid auctioning software provides a platform for celebrities to make substantial money for their work.

Influencers will be free to sell off real things, digital products like NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and special activities to followers on SuperBid, enabling them to find, promote, or even communicate personally with their preferred celebrities bids are ongoing.

SuperBid has discovered a new method to link fans to their favourite influencers and the blockchain sector by allowing bitcoin bids.

Taking use of the technological advantages of blockchain networks while making it easier for consumers to obtain cryptocurrency.

The SuperBid concept blends influencer branding, online marketplaces, e-commerce streaming video, and cryptocurrency, enabling potential users of the SuperBid app to interact again with the sector in a somewhat more 2021 manner while also acquiring a large number of influencers via sites like TikTok and Cameo.

Although it has not yet been completely released, the platform has amassed a network of over 10,000 prospective members, celebrities with over 15 million followers, and numerous crypto partners in the NFT and consultancy sector.

In May, Logan Paul, who has more than 100 million followers, joined the network. 

But it doesn't end there; SuperBid is working tirelessly to expand its pool of influencers and enhance its market strength.

Its engineers are building future features that will enable celebrities to sell NFTs while simultaneously running a live stream.

There is another element to SuperBid's strategy; many projects today give back to the community via charity and whatnot, but there is a spin with SuperBid.

Because the application will operate as an online public auction space that utilizes present-day money to generate a profit, its creators guarantee that a part of the organization's profits will be donated to charity after the app's auctions are concluded.

SuperBid's Vision

The team at SuperBid have a clear vision in mind for their platform. 


The in-app commodity used to engage in social auctions and activities is SuperBid's indigenous utility token, $SUPERBID.

Irrespective of their degree of bitcoin understanding, our software will appeal to popular people on social media.


The SuperBid app's popularity strengthens its environment. Through famous sponsors such as Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny, they have exposure to nearly 100 million prospective users.

Influence on the Mainstream

This in-app money stands out from the crowd due to its dynamic price fluctuations. Users who buy $SUPERBID on social networks are driving demand for the whole network.

Flexibility of Access

The platform is making it simple to get your hands on the $SUPERBID coin by increasing access for buying with a credit card.

SuperBid's Celebrity Interest

Key influencers in the entertainment, lifestyle, sporting, finance, style and computer gaming sectors may simply transform life experiences into NFTs and sell things off only on SuperBid.

Logan Paul is a YouTube celebrity, actor, vlogger, and pro boxer. He has around 100 million followers.

Amanda Cerny is a model, artist, actor and health and wellbeing enthusiast. She has somewhere around 45 million followers.

Jay Alvarrez is a travel and extreme sports filmmaker with 8 million followers.

Dana Vicci is a TikTok influencer with 1 million followers.

Natalia Janoszek is a model and actress with over a million followers on Instagram.

How to Buy SuperBid Tokens

SuperBid is a social-auction app that connects fans with hundreds of bids run by influencers for goods, experiences, and NFTs.

It blends the power of in-person purchasing with the convenience of online bidding and digital advertising.

The in-app service token for the forthcoming auctioning app is $SUPERBID.

It can be utilised to participate on auctions, get access to special app features, contribute to charity, and more.


Step 1: Buy Ethereum

Superbid is an ERC-20 token since it is created on the Ethereum network.

As a result, you must first buy Ethereum before converting it to SUPERBID coins.

Ethereum may be purchased in the following locations:

1. / Binance.US

2. Kraken

3. Coinbase


Step 2: Register at one of these exchanges

You can choose either of these exchanges to purchase Superbid tokens from.


Centrally controlled exchanges (CEXs)

1. WhiteBIT


Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

1. HitBTC 

2. Uniswap

3. Quickswap 


Step 3: Transfer Ethereum to Exchange

Transfer Ethereum to an exchange that has SUPERBID available, then purchase SUPERBID tokens.

After purchasing Ethereum, you must transfer it to one of the above-mentioned CEXs and then spend it to acquire SUPERBID coins.

We'll utilize WhiteBIT as an example in this tutorial.

Transferring your ETH to WhiteBIT

  • Once joined, sign in and navigate to Balance > Spot. Click Deposit right next to Ethereum.
  • Deposit by clicking the button
  • Copy your Ethereum deposit address to your phone or computer.
  • Transfer Ethereum from the platform where you bought it, like Binance or Coinbase. Binance will be used in this sample.
  • Click to Wallet > Fiat & Spot > Withdraw > ETH on Binance.
  • Then, in Binance, copy and paste your WhiteBIT transfer address to the Reciever's address. Select ERC-20 from the Network drop-down menu.
  • Withdraw your Ethereum (ETH).
  • Finish the withdrawal process. Then wait for the Ethereum Coins to appear on WhiteBIT.


Step 4: Buy SUPERBID Tokens

  • When your Ethereum has arrived on WhiteBIT, go out to Balance > Spot and then select "Transfer."
  • Select Transfer then, choose MAX, followed by “Confirm Transfer.”
  • Move ETH from your main account to your trade account.
  • Visit ETH after your ETH has been sent to the WhiteBIT Trade account.
  • Select “MARKET” beneath Buy SUPERB, then your ETH balance, and finally the green “BUY” icon.
  • Market Purchase $SUPERBID tokens
  • Purchase must be confirmed.
  • Click the Confirm button.

That's all! SUPERBID tokens have been added to your WhiteBIT account.

Keep in mind that WhiteBIT is a centralized platform, which implies they act as managers for your coins.

You must establish your own personal wallet if you want complete access over your cryptocurrency such as $SUPERBID or Ethereum.

MetaMask is among the most famous personal wallet right now.

Other options include “Coinbase Wallet” and “Trustwallet” as apps for iOS or Android smartphones.

Try copying the Ethereum addresses from your personal wallet and enter it as the receiver when taking SUPERBID tokens from WhiteBIT.

What Can SuperBid Tokens Do?

$SUPERBID is the service coin for the SuperBid auctioning software, and it may be used for the following purposes:

  • Participating in auctions
  • Taking part in special auctions
  • Increasing the exposure of influencers and fans in the app
  • Direct interaction with influencers, compensated for in tokens
  • Customized skins, emoticons, and animations are also featured.
  • Charitable giving
  • Evaluation of tokens

Token Circulation Explained

SuperBid created the initial iteration of its in-app token circulation, and its usefulness extends beyond that of a traditional cryptocurrency payment service.

This aims to give brief information about that flow, which will be released later in their formal white paper.


  • Tokens Into Circulation

Tokens may be introduced to the application via two different methods.

The first method is to use a credit card, and the other is to utilize a user's own cryptocurrency wallet.

This is how it operates.

  • Purchasing tokens using a credit card
  • Bidding using a credit card
  • Tokens may be sent to the application from a private cryptocurrency wallet.


  • Tokens Out of Circulation

The most smooth go-to-market approach in the initial iteration of the token flow includes tokens operating similarly to a normal in-app payment, with token payouts restricted to content providers on the application, i.e. the influencers themselves.

SuperBid in a Nutshell

SuperBid is easily one of the most exciting cryptocurrency projects right now. With the huge gain in popularity of NFT's, SuperBid is perfectly positioned to ride the upcoming trend. We look forward to seeing the development of the platform and how well the SuperBid team deal with the huge upcoming growth.

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