Kattana: Where DeFi Meets CeFi

An excitingly high powered trading app

May 5, 2021

Kattana: where defi meets cefi

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Today, we'll be discussing a new and exciting arrival to the crypto space. If you've been wanting to take your crypto trading to the next level you should definitely continue reading... Kattana is an advanced crypto trading tool that enables users to trade across multiple platforms simultaneously, trade DeFi/CeFi assets, and offers high powered optional trading applications that allow you to build your own trading dashboard.

Let's take a look at all of Kattana's features...

What is Kattana?

Kattana is a blockchain asset trading platform developed by traders for traders to bring trading in individual cryptocurrencies to a professional level.

The platform allows you to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges using the full range of professional tools from market analysis to trading performance measurement available in one place.

Using the Kattana Terminal, users can trade in real-time across 40+ DEX options with advanced order types and high-quality charts. Kattana brings professionalism to the DeFi exchanges.


Users can trade cryptocurrencies on both decentralized and centralized exchanges and use multiple exchanges simultaneously with the platform.

To use the exchange and its professional trading tools that were only available through centralized exchanges. This platform allows beginners to trade cryptocurrencies without the hassle and complexity of cryptocurrency trading.

On the Kattana platform, you can easily analyze the market to identify trends and changes within the crypto market. In addition, users can also perform crypto operations and consolidate all of their crypto operations into a single wallet.

The management of the cryptocurrency portfolio is top-notch and enables effective monitoring of the cryptocurrency held. The project was designed to help traders conduct their business under modern trends and the growth of cryptocurrencies.

The Benefits of Trading with Kattana

Kattana has identified the weaknesses and strengths of Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), creating the perfect platform for smooth trading by cryptocurrency traders.

At CeFi, all trading in cryptocurrencies occurs via a central exchange, which also administers and manages funds. Decentralized financing (DeFi) uses automated applications based on blockchain platforms. The platforms create a fair and transparent financial system in which everyone can participate. CeFi offers loans, credits, trading in cryptocurrencies, trading in derivatives, stable coins, margin trading and payments.

kattana automate

However, they have distinct differences. For example, DeFi platforms don't need AML or KYC information for users to access the platform.

CeFi platforms are more focused on adaptability than innovation, as is the case with DeFi. This means that DeFi is technology-driven and continues to innovate rather than adapt to customer needs. CeFi platforms store and store a user's funds and private keys.

These platforms are also threatened with transparency. This is also paramount with DeFi platforms that are covered by smart contracts.

Trading Automation

The DeFi space has created many innovative platforms that try to fill this gap and give users the benefits of decentralized, permitless and transparent systems. Platform users do not have to deal with monitoring and analyzing various processes.

By automating some processes, users can make informed decisions about their operations. It can be a tedious task when crypto traders have different crypto investments to keep track of.

It's nice to have a cryptocurrency portfolio. Still, you have to manage it properly, and this is where the platform comes in as a good platform. to help cryptocurrency investors and traders better manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.


3 types of Limit Orders:

  • Limit Order

A conditional order to buy/sell assets is set at a price not higher / lower than advertised. This order is designed to protect users from buying at a high price or selling at a low price. It is intended for a specific user, but more for the arbitrage traderArbitrage traders who fill it * to add a small fee to the trade value. Order fulfilment cannot be guaranteed in times of high volatility.

  • Limit market order

A limit market order is a conditional order in which the user sets the desired buy/sell price and the specified price is triggered, and the asset is sold/bought at market price. With this type of order, users can guarantee the fulfilment of the desired buy/sell promotion at the stated price to minimize the chance of surprises.

  • CE-DE-Limit-Order

A CE-DE-Limit-Order is a symbiosis of decentralization and centralized environments, whereby users simply have the possibility at the push of a button to buy / sell the specified asset on a centralized exchange without making a deposit on it Having to do stock market and trade at a substantially high rate with no additional steps. It is everything a retailer would need, with understandable and user-friendly functions that form an overall picture and symbolize the unique added value that we bring to this decentralized retail space.

How Kattana Promotes DeFi Adoption

Kattana is a series of trustworthy, professional, and professional solutions. Intuitive and quick trading tools for local traders and beginners. It is the only professional trading terminal with scalable charts of decentralized and centralized exchanges.

To adapt to the DeFi ecosystem, Kattana has created the best and easiest user interface and an aggregated cryptocurrency news site to provide users with exclusive and specific news about projects and assets they are interested in.

With the fast-growing DeFi market, specific information is filtered tailored to each user while informing about future and promising assets in the room.

The platform also calculates profits and losses from all user transactions, generates a profitability graph and structure all transactions as trades. This will analyze all ERC-20 addresses to allow users to have an easier trading time.

Kattana is focused on creating a platform for DeFi and its users to interact with these DeFi assets. With daily changes, the Kattana solution enables users to do so informed and able to be part of the ecosystem.

Kattana can ensure that its platform is highly secure and available at all times so that users can share and interact without having to worry about losing their wealth.

Designed to allow users to perform various tasks and its amazing features eliminate the hassle of scrolling between websites and applications to do successful cryptography.

One of the main reasons Kattana was created was to provide a platform for users to work on and focus on profitability using the various trading tools available on the platform. It's a platform that gives you everything you need to trade in one place.

As a cryptocurrency trader and investor, you can stay ahead of the curve without breaking a sweat. With charts and instruments, users can analyze cryptocurrency market data and thus make detailed decisions while trading.

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Final Words

Kattana takes trading to a whole new level by providing trading features to aid it. This sets it apart from other trading platforms. It combines the best features of DEX and CEX and allows traders to conduct transactions on both types of exchanges.

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