Future Trading 2021: Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Future Trading in 2021

Crypto futures trading


Future trading is one of the most lucrative ways of building your cryptocurrency investment in 2021. Future trading is a type of cryptocurrency trading that allows you to predict the price changes in the cryptocurrency.

Future trading definition: in simple terms, future trading is a contract of buying or selling your cryptocurrency at a specific date in the future for a given price. Traders will realize profits or losses when the trade closes. Typically, trading on futures allows you the chance to profit from the swings in the price without necessarily investing in the cryptocurrency. Now that you are up to speed let’s take a look at the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges with future trading in 2021.


Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges with future trading in 2021


  • Binance

Aside from margin trading, Binance offers future trading as well. You can make a profit by moving long or short with the future contracts on this platform. Long typically translates to the expectation that the price will rise. On the other hand, short is when you predict that the price will fall.  What you need to do is deposit funds in the USD/BTC futures margin account then select your leverage of choice.


  • Bybit

Bybit is an exchange platform that offers future contracts for Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP and EOS. This site is relatively easy to use, especially if you are new to future contracts. Bybit was launched back in 2018. Today, Bybit already has massive liquidity ever since the launch date. Most of these cryptocurrency future contracts can take up to 50X leverage, but Bybit offers up to 100% leverage for BTC/USD.


  • BitMEX

BitMEX is a platform that has all the advanced tools for professional traders, and they offer future contracts for various cryptocurrencies. What’s more, you can leverage up to 100X on some of the crypto future agreements. BitMEX takes security to the next level for their users, and sure enough, it seems to pay-off. It’s currently one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges in the business.


  • Deribit

Another cryptocurrency exchange also offers future contracts is the Deribit exchange. The platform provides future contracts for Ethereum and Bitcoins. In fact, Deribit is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that doesn’t require KYC when using higher volumes but still offers future contracts. The platform was formed back in 2016. Since then, Deribit has grown to be one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021.


  • OKEx

Finally, OKEx is a platform that serves more than 20 million users in different countries. Additionally, OKEx offers both spot and derivative trading contracts as well as supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. You can purchase cryptocurrencies on this site using wire transfer and credit cards at a low fee. OKEx is ranked among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volumes.

The site is also relatively easy to navigate if you are a newbie in future trading. The website features a 24/7 support that’s responsive and quick to reply in case of any technical issues.


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