Getting Bitcoins For Free in 2021

Bitcoin guide: getting bitcoins for free in 2021

There are several ways of getting bitcoins for free. So, if you want to stack your Satoshi (tiny piece of a Bitcoin) wallet, then this article is in your best interest.

We have listed the top 5 best ways to get bitcoins for free in 2021. Bitcoin has come a long way since its release.

And with that in mind, we all want a piece of the ‘gold.’ But it’s easy to fall prey to scams in search of these precious coins.

Thankfully, we will guide you in the right direction. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

5 Best Ways to Get Bitcoins for Free in 2021

  • Bitcoin Faucets

You can now get Bitcoins for free by simply finding a bitcoin faucet. If you don’t know what a bitcoin faucet is, let me break it down for you. In simple terms, a faucet is a feature that you can find on websites. On these websites, the faucet dispenses Bitcoins for free steadily. However, in most cases, you will only get Satoshis. Websites use faucets to increase engagement and also market their products.


  • Playing games

Another way to get Bitcoins is by playing games. Some games will give out free Satoshis when you complete certain obstacles. And just like faucets, the bitcoin rewards aim to increase engagement and advertisement. If you are a die-hard fan of games, then this is probably the best choice for you. But you have to make sure you have enough time on your hands since you can only receive a small amount of bitcoin at a time. Ready to start playing? Check out our article on the 5 Best Games to Earn Bitcoin in 2021.


  • Surfing the internet

Well, this is my number one favorite. However, you will only get Satoshis that can add up to one bitcoin. All you have to do is download the CryptoTab browser, which is typically available to android and iOS users. Then install it to your device and use it as the default browser, and voila! You will start to earn Satoshis for surfing using the CryptoTab browser. That’s like earning Bitcoins for doing nothing at all.


  • Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are an easy way of earning free bitcoins. It’s a method that most websites use to give their customers what they want and get cryptos in the process. The idea is that your clients also receive valuable information in the process. For your customers to click on a specific link, you have to give them helpful knowledge in return. There is no shortcut to website affiliate marketing programs, especially when it comes to earning bitcoins.


  • Completing small tasks

Lastly, you can earn cryptos by completing small tasks such as puzzles. It’s a more advanced type of bitcoin faucet. In most cases, you will have to compete to get the bitcoins. Completing tasks will bring your gaming instincts on and also earn bitcoins in the process. You can also work to get your money in bitcoins. Several platforms offer payment in bitcoins, and they include, Cryptojobs, Cryptogrind, among others.



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