5 Best Cryptocurrency Books 

5 cryptocurrency books

You can run into huge (almost bankrupting) losses in the crypto market if you don't do your research.

From the very basics, for example, Bitcoin whitepaper, ranging all the way up to the super intricate topics like ecosystem characteristics and regulatory issues, there is truly so much to know about this fascinating market.

Additionally, every crypto trader must be well versed in the principles of investment strategies and money allocation.

Hearing podcasts and reading articles on the internet may give you a zingy dose of interesting data.

However, you’ll still need to catch up some hours at the library if you try to make a new neutral link or achieve better substantive knowledge.

But you're in luck. We have compiled a list of the 5 best cryptocurrency books that are must-reads if you want to succeed in your trading ventures.

Here are the 5 Best Cryptocurrency Books:

#1 Cryptoassets

The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar

The authors aren’t crypto traders; they’re professional fund managers.

You’d likely be asking yourself this question right now: “Why should I listen to their suggestions when they have no first-hand experience at all?”

Because their version of the world of cryptocurrency is crystal clear and will help you navigate through it without any sort of immoral maneuvering.

This book is a crucial read for any first-time trade who is just dipping his toes into the cryptocurrency pond.

You wouldn’t know it from some of the books that over-glorify this industry, but cryptocurrency done properly isn’t as thrilling or glamorous.

Most traders don’t care that intelligent trading is somewhat monotonous.

This amazing piece of writing gives you a real-world example of the framework and numerous models that can be of help to analyze trading and cryptocurrency opportunities.

These guidelines can be adopted per your investing plans.

The authors also explained how various cryptocurrencies form real-life value by using blockchain technology.

Once you understand the value proposition, you can rightly assign cryptos to value while investing or trading.

Risk management, asset allocation, portfolio theory are some of the other important aspects the book touches upon that all beginner traders should know.

If you feel like you still don’t have the cryptocurrency thing figured out, this book will be quite resourceful.

Plus, it’s also a great collectible for investors and traditional traders who've formerly dabbled in commodities and forex.

The writing is simple and understandable so you won’t have a whole headache (Yes, that may happen).

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#2 The Internet of Money

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

As a starter, this will be another book that will prepare you for your trading journey. The book was originally launched as a series of crypto trading-related essays aiming to answer questions like "Why BTC (Bitcoin)?"

You’re definitely curious about how BTC operates and why it is so relevant. The author discussed in depth many of the commonly asked Bitcoin-related queries and the scalability factor.

However, don't expect to get a comprehensive evaluation of applications and technology. If crypto has been your game for a while, you'll blaze right through this.

A truly entertaining read, "The Internet of Money" is filled with Antonopoulos's metaphors and analogies. He compared Bitcoin to an onion – you have to unwrap it to discover the layers.

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#3 Cryptotrading Pro 

Alan T. Norman

If you're scared of investing in the crypto market and wish to overcome your fear, try out this one by Alan T. Norman.

Besides, it's an excellent treasure trove of concepts for newbies and intermediate dealers.

The author runs down ways for traders to deshell colossal speculations and adds numerous examples of real-time charts. This makes the entire conversation easier to bite into.

The book brings to light why active cryptocurrency trading is a splendid way to earn money.

It includes a conclusive step-by-step guide on how to improve down the road to earn better profits in a month, to six months, to a full year.

On top of all that, there are specific trading strategies that instruct you on when to purchase and sell your BTC to make the most profit, the simplest methods are good in crypto trading but they’ve paused in classic markets, as well as some additional resources to help you grasp the concept of crypto trading.

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#4 Life After Google

The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy 

George Gilder

Traders mustn't only be concerned about the present; they should also look at the bigger picture – the dream of exploring new opportunities.

The author is a mastermind visionary when it comes to technologies and economics, and has written many international bestsellers.

In this particular book, he divulges the truth behind "Silicon Valley's current nervous breakdown" and what we can expect from the rise of the post-Google era.

In his words, the future can be correlated to "cryptocosm" – Blockchain's new architecture.

It can be anticipated to offer the world reliable payment systems by valuing cryptocurrencies like Ether, DASH, NEO, and the obvious, BTC.

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#5 Alchemy of Finance

George Soros

Author George Soros expresses his take on reflexivity, its relationship with the market condition, and widens into one's view of how capital markets function. 

In recent times, crypto markets are intertwined with capital markets as well as the modern economy.

It might not be a straight-up cryptocurrency book and more of one talking about traditional and fundamental markets, but the approach applies to crypto too.

Crypto de’ Medici, a renowned crypto influencer and trader, mentions this book among his favourites for trading and investments.

It can be a tad bit thick-skulled, however, it’s a great reward for people who can finish it.

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Experts have claimed that you’ll get the most knowledge and information from being in the real game, but it’s always wise to do some homework to make better decisions.

Only the best cryptocurrency books will be your guide in this complex, yet interesting industry.

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