Deribit Review: Should I trade on Deribit Exchange?


deribit review


Deribit is an exchange platform that has been ranked among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Deribit offers a leverage of up to 100X, which is a plus for any trader. That is why we decided to create a Deribit exchange review. If you are looking for more information on Deribit, then you’ve come to the right place.


What is Deribit Exchange?

In simple terms, Deribit is an online platform where buyers and sellers can trade their cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. What’s more, on Deribit, you can also purchase any crypto of your choice. The platform offers futures trading, which essentially lets you profit from predicting the price of a particular crypto-coin. Amazing right?

Deribit was formed back in 2016 by John Jansen, and he is currently the CEO of the company. The company boasts of its high-speed transaction. Also, Deribit is among the top fastest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. One of the most intriguing features about Deribit exchange is the fact that there’s a fixed expiration on the futures contracts.

That’s because the platform provides its users with perpetual swap contracts. Deribit offers contracts that never expire.


Is Deribit exchange a safe platform?

The company goes to extreme lengths to ensure the security of its customers. What’s more, with Deribit, you are almost 100% sure you are in a safe environment to trade. They store most of the cryptocurrencies on the platform on a cold wallet. The cold wallet is typically the safest mode of storing crypto-coins.

In addition to that, each account is required to have a 2FA security system. That reduces the chances of hacks or any other form of unauthorized entry to your account. Deribit is also registered by the Dutch trade register, meaning that it’s a certified authentic platform.

Pros & Cons of Deribit


High speed transactions

High level of security

Up to 100x leverage


Currently only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum

Final Ratings

Trading Options
Customer Service
Overall Rating

Should I trade on Deribit?

Well, that entirely depends on you. All we can do is promise you that trading with Deribit is going to be easy to understand. The platform is also known for its fast transactions and interactive interface. That said, we recommend that you try trading on Deribit.

In Summary

Deribit cryptocurrency exchange is no doubt worth your time and money. The website makes trading relatively easy, especially if you are new to the crypto trading industry. What’s more, you can trust that your money is safe on this site. There are several security measures put in place to ensure your safety.