Bitcoin Current Price is $37,199.00.

Bitcoin current price is $37,199.00 with a marketcap of $697.03 B. Its price is -4.57% down in last 24 hours.

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    $697.03 B
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    $36.87 B
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    18.74 M BTC
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Current Bitcoin Price: Live Updates

Bitcoin prices are always on the move. No matter if you own a few Bitcoins, trade them or like to keep an eye on financial markets, the current Bitcoin price will always be a point of interest for you. Especially these days. The bitcoin prices have sky-rocketed in a matter of a few weeks only. With global investors and billionaires taking it more seriously than ever before, it's interesting to watch current Bitcoin prices change right in front of our eyes. Here's a bit more about it.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the world's most revolutionary inventions, especially in the financial world that came into being in 2009. It's a form of digital, electronic currency, which you can spend from one end to another without involving any third-parties or regulators.

Launched by an anonymous entity calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin brought forward the technology we now know as Blockchain. The whole Bitcoin network is based on the blockchain mechanism. Its data centers are spread throughout the globe at different nodes in a decentralized manner, as an effective deterrent against cyberattacks and duplication of bitcoin use since no single person or organization owns this network.


How is Bitcoin Stored?

You can store your bitcoins in Wallets. These wallets can be both physical, hardware-based, and also software applications for smartphones and PCs. These wallet applications and devices are secured with cryptography and the latest cybersecurity protocols, enabling users to send or receive bitcoins with encrypted keys.


Uses of Bitcoin:

As digital currency

The best and most speculated use case for Bitcoin is its use as a digital alternative to government-regulated fiat currencies for making everyday payments.

Speculative Asset

Due to its high volatility in the market, Bitcoin is common among swing traders who make the most out of small price movements.

Bitcoin as a Store of Value

If you observe bitcoin in the long term, for periods like 2 years or more, you will see that its intrinsic value has been increasing at an immense rate. However, due to its high volatility in shorter periods, many people don't consider it a reliable store of value.

Bitcoin Price History

Bitcoin has been through some of the highest and most dramatic degrees of volatility and price swings in the financial world's history since the very day of its inception. Here's a brief overview of its price history since 2009:

It was the year that bitcoin went public, creating mining units and nodes. 

People started trading bitcoin for the first time. As a demonstration, the developer used around 10,000 BTC to pay for pizza delivery. Imagine spending 10,000 BTC in the current Bitcoin price of today!

Bitcoin exceeded parity with the US dollar, rose to $31 per BTC in 2011, and plummeted to 10 percent of that value for the same year and the next. 

After a historic rise to $1,000, BTC crashed again to $300, cementing its reputation as volatile.

Some tech companies started accepting Bitcoin payments.

In two to three years, Bitcoin's value recovered to $770.

As more people understood Bitcoin, its price started soaring to a massive $20,000 value from $1,000.

2018 proved to be an extremely volatile year in terms of value for Bitcoin. The all-time high of 2017 tanked to just $3,200 by the end of 2018.

After recovering to around $10,000 by mid-2019, bitcoin maintained the same stability until October 2020. Its value has seen immense growth in the last few months, crossing the 30 and 40 thousand dollar marks for the first time.

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